The untold story of grasses
Watch the story of the underdogs that took on their forest adversaries with powerful allies – fire and the great herds of animals. Grasses created an open sunlit world, rich in plants and animals, including those that nurture and feed us and...
Professor Timm Hoffman wins WWF Living Planet Award for 2020
This year's Living Planet Award was made to Professor Timm Hoffman for his contribution to both conservation and helping the people who are dependent on the land to make a living in some of the driest parts of South Africa.
New species of plant discovered in Tokai Park
A new species of sedge, the Hidden Veldrush (Schoenus inconspicuus) which is listed as critically endangered, has been discovered in Tokai Park. The plant is currently known from fewer than 10 plants on the planet and has only been collected six...
Saving the Clanwilliam Cedar
Despite much research and management effort, the iconic Clanwilliam cedar (once Widdringtonia cedarbergensis now sadly W. wallichii) continues the decline it has been in for over the last century or more. Prof Jeremy Midgley, PhD student Joseph...
Exploitation changes leopard behaviour with long-term genetic costs
Throughout their range leopards are in rapid decline, having disappeared from North Africa, much of the Middle East and Asia.


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