Postgraduate Study

Honours in the Department of Biological Sciences

Honours in the Department of Biological Sciences




Honours study

This one-year course aims to introduce students to research and, through advanced coursework, develop an enhanced understanding of scientific theory and practice in the biological sciences.

Queries about the course should be either to Dr Jacqueline Bishop (course coordinator; Room 3.22, Pearson Building;

Application and acceptance criteria

NOTE: The deadline for application is 31 October 2020.

To be considered for the Honours degree programme you need to have a BSc in Biology or Marine Biology. Students attaining an average of 70% or more in relevant third-year level science courses are normally assured of acceptance into Honours. We will, however, also consider applications from students achieving 3rd year averages of 65% or more.

Note that factors other than marks may be considered when applications are reviewed, and that final acceptance into Honours is at the discretion of the Head of Department. With this in mind, applicants are asked to submit a brief motivation (200 words) about their interest in pursuing an Honours degree, and provide any additional information (e.g. relevant work experience, outreach etc.) which might strengthen their application, as well as the names and email addresses of TWO academic referees.

Application for admission into Honours requires:

  1. Online application via UCT’s central admissions procedure. You will need to fill out the UCT postgraduate studies application form (available at and follow instructions.
  2. Direct application to the Dept. of Biological Sciences. You will need to fill out the Bio Sci Hons application form and send this together with the required documentation to: Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cape Town, Private Bag X3 Rondebosch, 7701, South Africa OR by email to (Tel: +27 (0) 21 650 3604). NOTE: The departmental deadline for application is 31 October 2020.

Applicants for Honours are not required to submit a research proposal or outline.

For more detailed information about the course follow this link.