MSc, PhD Bursaries and Postdoc Fellowships in sensory ecology and conservation

2 Nov 2015 - 11:00

MSc, PhD Bursaries and Postdoc Fellowships in sensory ecology and conservation. There are several Honours (SA citizens only), MSc (SA citizens, SA permanent residents, African nationalities only), PhD (all nationalities) and Postdoc fellowship (all nationalities) available in the fields of sensory and evolutionary ecology in the Animal Evolution & Systematics Group. For further details contact the head of the group A/Prof David Jacobs


Available Research Projects
Research projects in sensory ecology – Postdoc, PhD, MSc
The intensity at which acoustic signals are emitted by animals is often neglected by researchers. Yet it is a parameter under the control of the animal and may therefore be an important component of the signal manipulated by the animal to increase the distance over which the signal travels or the audibility of the signal to eared prey. We will use microphone arrays to track the echolocation calls of bats to determine how bats manipulate intensity. We will also use arrival times of calls at each microphone to plot the bats” flight path in 3 dimensions. These data will be used to address several questions on how intensity and other signal parameters are changed in relation to habitat and prey.

  1. How do bats vary their flight patterns and the intensity of their calls in response to different habitats?
  2. Does Laephotus namibensis use low frequency and low intensity calls to circumvent insect hearing?
  3. Is the intensity of the calls of bats that feed predominantly on eared prey lower than those of bats that do not?